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For online orders payment via direct deposit is preferred:
BSB 633000
ACC NO 141502971
Or mark PayPal Payments as GIFTS to avoid fees

Please contact to order photos at the discounted rate (6 photos or more). All other orders can be made via the website.

Ordered photos are straightened, colour enhanced and minor retouching applied (removal of manure, flies, etc). Every ordered photo will display a signature.


Digital Images - Medium resolution emailed 6x4

  • 1-5 photos: $16 each
  • 6-10 photos: $14 each
  • 11-20 photos: $12 each
  • Whole day/All photos: $90 (Download via Website, CD or USB)

Digital Images - High resolution emailed 8x12

  • 1-5 photos: $18 each
  • 6-10 photos: $16 each
  • 11-20 photos: $14 each
  • Whole day/All photos $130 (Download via Website, CD or USB)


  • 6x4: $15
  • 8x10: $15
  • 8x12: $15
  • 10x15: $20
  • 11x14: $28
  • 12x16: $30
  • 16x20: $50
  • 20x24: $75
  • 20x30: $90

Available in Semi Gloss all sizes
Gloss or Matte (Silk) in larger sizes at additional cost

Email or Website Downloads

Medium to High Resolution 
Images can sent via email, or downloaded on this site from a personal folder, at high resolution 6x4"/8x12" at 300dpi. These are only suitable for printing at 6x4"/8x12" respectfully. Can be used non commercially for adverts, web use, and Facebook.

Order from the website or contact for discount rates.
Images on this website are low resolution PROOFS and are owned by Horizons Photography.

Orders are not processed until full payment is received.

Refunds only apply when the photo is defective, faulty, or the incorrect photo/s have been supplied. Refunds will not be given on the grounds of visible Signature; Every ordered photo will display a signature with the following text: Horizons Photography

Orders can also be made by emailing 
Include a screenshot of the photos you wish to order. Alternatively quote the DSC number (for example DSC_0001) of the images you wish to purchase, and other details such as editing, and montage requests.


Montages - Price Varies

Montages can be made from any photos. The event name, date, horses name, riders name, can be included. Please request this when ordering and include any details.

Small enhancements and editing: $10 per photo
Includes minor object removal (one person, small bins, cones), tail/ear repositioning.

Larger enhancements and editing: $20 per photo
Includes background replacement,
fading & lightening, background blurring, or large areas of cloning and replacement (many people, floats, tents).

Upon ordering please request which editing you wish to have done. Examples of photo editing and paintings are shown in the Paintings and Editing Gallery.

Digital Art
Paintings are at an arranged price. Paintings are produced at your requested print size, low resolution or high resolution. Extra fees for details (bridles, bits, browbands, stirrups, garlands, ribbons) apply.

All photos are copyright © Horizons Photography. Proofs are not to be downloaded, copied, or reproduced IN ANY WAY. STOLEN PROOFS found or reported on any website (Facebook,instagram, aushorse etc)  will incur a written message for the image to be taken down, if it is not removed legal action will be taken. 
Proofs are straight off the camera.
If any proof is displayed on any website with the words PROOF STOLEN FROM HORIZONS PHOTOGRAPHY on it, then it is stolen, not purchased.  Please alert me to any proofs stolen.

All images are protected under Copyright law and the use of stolen images is theft under this law. Images are the legal property of Horizons Photography when presented with the PROOF TEXT on the image.